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CapitolTV: Mandatory for Fans and Marketers

In Career on October 23, 2014 at 8:35 am

Watch CapitolTV. It’s mandatory.

Lionsgate is ramping up publicity with a new video marketing campaign for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part I” in the final month before the movie’s Nov. 21 release date.  After the numerous trailers, TV spots and teasers for the penultimate Hunger Games movie, Lionsgate did something different to capture fan attention without overexposing the movie.

There are 3 big reasons CapitolTV is awesome (I’m not being forced to say that, either).  It enhances the series with world-building, it celebrates YouTube and it embraces viral marketing to reach the film’s key demographic.

Check this out:

District Voices harkens back to the propaganda theme of earlier trailers.  The new campaign reinforces the movie’s trailers and, in a subtle way, tells the reader what to expect when they get to theaters in November.

Mockingjay was the most politically complex book of the series.  Transferring context for page to screen is tricky.  Building the atmosphere ahead of time will allow the movie to flow faster and focus on plot.

If you watched the video above closely, you may recognize some big name YouTubers such as Threadbanger.  Lionsgate (AKA The Hunger Games marketing team) acknowledges a cultural shift in how people – not just Millennials – consume media.

But CapitolTV spots don’t just star YouTubers.  They celebrate them.

Watch Closely:

Where was the video located on YouTube?  I’ll give you a hint/answer:  the District Two spot, starring YouTuber and self defense teacher fightTIPS, is uploaded on his channel then saved on a CapitolTV playlist.

The placement acknowledges that fightTIPS and other CapitolTV guests aren’t just performers. They’re creators.  Uploading the video to a YouTuber’s channel is a tip of the hat to the people who make YouTube such an interesting and entertaining community.

This is great because it increases movie exposure to a population segment that might not have tuned in otherwise.  District Two’s video on fighting skills highlights the action you’ll expect from Mockingjay Part I, targeting viewers who are obviously into defense and fitness.  District Eight’s video is about DIY crafts and costuming, an aspect of the movies that some viewers really enjoy.

That’s also why you won’t see a CapitolTV video posted to the Vlogbrothers channel.  Nerdfighters didn’t need any motivation to go see this movie.

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