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The 100: 1×03 “Earth Kills” (EPISODE REVIEW)

In Movies/TV, Pop Culture! on April 9, 2014 at 3:52 pm

My initial skepticism for “The 100” was entirely to do with the premise (If nuclear warfare devastated the planet, it would not be hospitable in just three generations). Nevertheless, I watched and was surprised.

Unlike “Star-Crossed,” which began with an interesting premise and is threatening to become a romance-driven story, “The 100” really a better job of keeping your attention on its gritty story line. The friendships forged in this bleak future seem more complex and more challenging than your average CW show. With main characters who are interesting in and of themselves, I foresee future romantic plots acting as a respite from the harsher realities of life on Earth.

If the show’s quality continues building, consider me in for the long haul.


Surprising everyone, this show continues to get better and better. Although not emotionally attached to the characters and storyline yet, the episode does an extremely well job to engage even distracted viewers. While I was watching ‘Earth Kills’ my family was passing in and out of the room (annoying, yes), but occasionally they’d have to stop and watch because it just held a certain amount of gravitas that didn’t exist in previous episodes. I was planing on dropping the show after this episode if it didn’t pick up. If this episode is any indication, the 100 might actually be a decent series, guys.

The pilot was riddled with average primetime television writing, leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth. The second episode was only slightly better, removing most of the terrible one-liners while introducing us to the typical young adult dystopian terminology you can expect from the…

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