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Review: Forever Odd (2005)

In Books/Authors, Pop Culture! on January 16, 2014 at 6:30 pm

Odd Thomas is on a mission – to find out who keeps calling his phone.

When Odd Thomas’ friend Danny Jessup goes missing one February night in Pico Mundo, the police suspect he is dead. Odd Thomas, uniquely gifted with psychic magnetism, is sure his friend is still alive. He receives a phone call from the kidnapper, who will kill Danny if Odd’s powers prove disappointing.  Within hours, Odd embarks on a one-man rescue mission to find Danny and stop the people who kidnapped him.

Pacing through Pico Mundo’s expansive storm sewers, Odd must battle both his depression and an enemy who knows more about his power than he does in order to save a dear friend. Odd’s world is thrown open to foreign magic as Koontz fleshes out his universe, and tension builds with each taunting phone call.  The world is more confusing and terrifying than Odd imagined.

“If you’re still, and if you don’t hope too much, peace will come to you. It’s a grace. But you have to choose happiness.”  – Odd Thomas

The second book is a change of pace from Koontz’s 2003 series starter, Odd Thomas. The original novel operated on a larger scale, pitting the naive protagonist against bodachs and henchmen in a bid to stop mass murder. While the stakes are objectively lower than the explosive beginning of the series, Odd’s opponent is trickier.  How do you fight for your life if you don’t have the will to live?

Forever Odd, Odd Thomas series, supernatural mystery,

Forever Odd takes time to explore the consequences of loss. Instead of a naive young man, it shows us a deeper, grief-stricken Odd. He is haunted by his heroism and the lives lost in August. Koontz’s three-dimensional characterizations allow readers to see that Odd is only changed, not diminished, by his pain. He grieves but does not wallow, choosing instead to use his pain to help others.

Koontz carries on the Odd series with an accurate portrait of grief and leaves the reader curious to see where Odd Thomas will go next.

Rating:  4 Stars

Open-Ended Question Award: What is Odd Thomas’s destiny?

Favorite Quote: “Every life is complicated, every mind a kingdom of unmapped mysteries.”

  1. […] Odd is almost a rest stop in Odd’s psychic journey that was established in Odd Thomas and expanded upon in Forever Odd. The third novel removes the protagonist from his comfort zone and introduces him to an entirely […]

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