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4 Ways to Find Your Nerd Fashion

In Career, Fun on November 7, 2013 at 8:11 am

I recently went on my semi-annual shopping trip.  I take this day seriously because, since I hate clothes shopping, I crush six months of it into one long, exhausting day of malls, department stores and shoe warehouses.

I have a hard time deciding what to wear.  Nobody taught me fashion as a child, so I went through high school wearing crazy hair, clothes that didn’t fit me properly and an array of fashion accessories that only made sense if you read poor quality novels about the French Revolution.

I’m still fashion oblivious, but now I look to my favorite sci-fi characters for advice.  Channeling a beloved character lets me branch out in my wardrobe by trying outfits I like but wouldn’t think about wearing.  It also helps me put an outfit together and visualize what the final product will look like so I can incorporate it – or put it back on the rack.

Here is my very real and very serious fashion advice for all nerd girls and nerd guys out there.

Find Your Sci-Fi Doppelganger

amy pond, gingers of sci-fi, science fiction redheads, top sci-fi redheads, Doctor Who amy pond

I could put any of my redheaded sci-fi girl crushes here, but I choose Amelia Pond because she’s young, ginger, stylish and spunky.  Yeah, I said spunky (also, ginger!).  Amy’s fashion is clearly an outgrowth of her personality. You can see her style mature during her run as the Doctor’s companion, but it never strays from her personality.

Don’t Forget to Dress Professional

Sometimes you’ll need to look a little more business-casual and won’t have the luxury of wearing a “University of Gallifrey” t-shirt out in public.  It’s tragic, but it happens. 

sci-fi redhead, olivia dunham, fauxlivia dunham, olivia and fauxlivia, Fringe science, fringe agents, fringe fashion

That’s why I turn to kickass professionals Olivia and Fauxlivia for advice when it’s time to be professional. Olivia Dunham rocks sensible shoes (all the better for chasing down killers) that won’t break her ankles or maim her toes. She also has an understated wardrobe, which is fantastic because you get away with wearing the same outfit for days before someone notices you need quarters for the Laundromat.

Fauxlivia takes a more tactical approach, but the real style difference is that she adds a splash of color here and there. The moral of this story is that you can’t go wrong with simple cuts, careful use of color and comfortable attire that won’t turn you into a self-conscious clothes-picker by 10 a.m.

Be a Little Badass

Zoe Be Fearless

Don’t feel particularly powerful?  Take a page out of someone else’s book (this also applies to Fauxlivia and Captain Mal).  In general, if I want to feel confident when I’m out reporting (read: or doing anything social) I pretend I’m a gunslinger.

Dusty tones and leather jackets make me walk with a bit of “I’m the boss” swagger, but they’re also incredibly practical.  Why? Pockets, that’s why.  For female journalists, there are few frustrations greater  than having no storage space when covering a story.

Journalists require relatively few items: pen, backup pen, notepad, voice recorder, cell phone, credentials, camera (if it’s not your phone) and business cards.  It seems simple until you realize women’s pants are not built for storage capacity.

So what do you do if you’re nervous? Bring a little Spaghetti Western to the table!

Keep an Eye Out for Surprises

Obi-Wan Kenobi padawan, Star Wars Episode 1, phantom menace, obi wan padawan, padawan braid

Who wouldn’t want to be a peacekeeper of the galaxy?

Wait. I bet you’re wondering who would channel a Jedi for everyday fashion.

That would be me.

I’ve always wanted to be a Jedi *cough* Sith *cough* but thought it impractical to go around swinging a lightsaber. Functional plasma swords are years away from our technology. Also, people can get hurt.

It was a dream I wouldn’t let die, however. I like tunics that belt around my waist and billowy jackets reminiscent of Jedi robes. I also purchased a gorgeous brown dress based solely on the fact that its neckline reminded me of Obi Wan Kenobi’s tunic. Combined with dun-colored boots and a loose cardigan, that outfit is one of my all-time favorites.

I don’t care what other people say.  Look for everyday inspiration in the nerdiest corner of your heart.  The clothes that empower you to walk out your front door with confidence are fashionable.  So roll with it! And don’t forget to be awesome.
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