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5 Arcade Games You Can Play Online

In Creative on July 8, 2013 at 8:02 pm

In honor of Arcade Game Day – it’s a real thing, I promise – I compiled the most remembered arcade games of my youth. You can find all of these games online, so go relive your favorite moments! Go nostalgia-crazy!


What can be said about the iconic arcade game that hasn’t been said already? I may have stumbled across this majestic game in the early 2000s during the dying days of mall arcades, but my earliest recollection of Pac-Man came through the Playstation console. Later, I would happen upon a Namco 5-in-1 Pac-Man joystick that plugged into my television and provided me hours of frustration until the batteries died.

Find it here.


I’ve never been one to claim possession of hand-eye coordination, but no game has challenged me half so much as Frogger. Also, it raised too many questions that could not be answered. Why do some of the turtles sink? Why do frogs drown? Do alligators really lurk next to freeways and, if so, isn’t that dangerous? My first encounter with Frogger came from my brother’s Gameboy Color. After months of aggravation and lost duels with him on two-player mode I finally gave up Frogger because of my unfailing skill at clipping slow-moving vehicles or stepping off floating logs. So long, Frogger!


snake arcade game, blockade, arcade games, cellphone games, cell phone game

Nokia’s cell phone version

Snake doesn’t get much attention, but it is a cult classic. You’d think a 1970s arcade game about a line that grows by eating dots would garner more attention, but it took cellphones to really catapult Snake into history. I played the game before then, though, in a Microsoft Entertainment Pack where it was known as Rattler Race. In Rattler Race, the line resembled a snake and ate apples. Golden apples were the best, and the background changed every level.

The old version never gets old (forgive the pun), but you can find an interesting modern take here.


What teaches spatial recognition to children better than Tetris? Fitting shapes tightly against other shapes taught me some useful geometric skills, but I think it helped to secure my computer game complex. Why the sudden increase in speed, Level 8? Where other players (like my mom) could whiz through the levels in a blur of finger taps and whirling L-sections, I found myself lagging behind. It’s the hand-eye coordination thing I mentioned before. And let’s not forget the long lost red shape that never showed up until I had no space in which to navigate it.


gotta catch 'em all, pokemon gameboy, pokemon original,

My favorite Pokemon!

Years ago when Pokemon Red was still the hottest game for kids, I turned on someone’s Gameboy and started a new game. Little did I know only one game could be saved at a time, thus dooming each gamer to apoplectic fits if anyone touched their Gameboy while simultaneously preventing an already dying social concept called “sharing.” If the boy (now a man) reads this, I hope he can forgive me. I was enchanted by Professor Oak’s request to catalog all the Pokemon species. And, like many other children denied the joy of owning or borrowing the game, I had to find out whether I had what it took to become a Pokemon Master.

What are the arcade games you remember most?  Leave a comment and tell me your story … or continue this conversation on Twitter!


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