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Five Plants to Keep Out Garden Pests

In Career on June 6, 2013 at 9:34 am

Whether you’re tending plants for food or fun, it’s frustrating to see your efforts rewarded with stunted plants and wilted leaves.  Remember, bugs aren’t bad.  Pests are!

Instead of shaking your fists at the heavens or dousing the area in insecticides that can kill beneficial bugs, try installing these plants as little guardians around the garden’s perimeter:


pennroyal, natural insecticide, poisonous plants, natural garden insecticides


The name doesn’t just sound cool. This herb detracts mosquitoes, flies, fleas and ants from moving into your vegetable garden for the season.  It’s been used for a millennium as, oddly enough, both a spice and guard against pests.  Though the oil is deadly, the dried leaves are used in cooking and homeopathic tinctures.


marigold, homeopathic remedies marigold, garden pests marigold, natural garden insecticide


Besides being used in homeopathic tinctures, marigold makes a good garden guard against cucumber beetles, aphids and root-knot nematodes. Marigold also attracts flies that kill aphids, making this gold plant a win-win for your garden all summer.

Cucumber beetles , really members of the family Chrysomelidae, love hanging out on leaves and flowers of melon, squash and cucumber species. Not only do cucumber beetles gnaw on young plants, but they carry viruses that can spread throughout the plants.

There are more than 4,000 species of Aphids , and about 200 of them are harmful to plants. Many species are specialized eaters , eating only one type of plant species, and feed on sap from the plant’s stem. The feeding results in stunted growth, wilting, low yield and even death.


basil pest killer, basil, basil insecticide,


It’s not just for pizza! Who would have thought this popular herb could ward off flies and mosquitoes. Basil and flies go together like garlic and vampires.

On a side note, the term basil originates in Ancient Greece and stems from the Greek word for “royal.”  When it was adopted into Latin the meaning changed and the plant was attributed characteristics of the basilisk antidote.  Over time the tradition carried onto the French, who used the similar words such as “basilic” in reference to both the plant and the snake.


beautiful garden, lavender garden, lavender pesticide


Yes, the preferred plant of many a lotion-maker is also proven repellent —
of mosquitoes. Maybe that’s why the scent is so popular.

Mosquitoes aren’t harmful to your garden so much as they are annoying to the gardener. The simplest way to get rid of mosquitoes is to destroy the breeding ground: standing water. However, in cases where your garden is in a lowlying area or mosquitoes just think the grass is greener on your side of the fence, planting lavender can reduce the nuisance and help you enjoy your garden again.


catnip and cats, cats with catnip, origins of catnip, what is catnip, catnip pesticide

Really, what did you expect?

While ants eat insect eggs, they can also host harmful insects such as mealybugs, aphids and whiteflies.  Catnip is a good way to keep ants out of the garden. Sure, it drives your cats crazy. But really, what cat isn’t a little unbalanced to begin with?

Catnip is the common term for catmint, an herb that has been traced back centuries as a remedy.  An earlier term, nepe, shows similarities to the Dutch neppe and is a shortened form of nepte, which comes from the Latin word nepeta – or, catmint.   Check out this reference to catnip I found in the OED that dates back to 1561:  “He that hath a feruent cough, let him take Neppe, that cattes delite in.”

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