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Three Reasons to Love Superman

In Comics/Superheroes on May 6, 2013 at 8:07 am

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I like Superman.

Growing up, I saw Superman as the all-American hero of DC Comics. He’s trademarked and pretty much invincible to the casual observer. Little boys want to be him, and grown men wear shirts featuring his logo.

And did I mention the Superman ice cream? Yes, it’s a thing.

I never liked Superman before Free Comic Book Day gifted me with a free issue of “Superman: Last Son of Krypton” – well, technically The Fallout Shelter gave it to me, but I digress.

As I read the issue, it occurred to me that most of my knowledge of the character came from secondhand sources and old movies, not comics themselves. I started thinking, and after I’d reread the comic a second time I came up with three reasons why Superman is actually kind of cool.

Clark Kent is a reporter.

Clark Kent, journalist, superman secret identityAs a soon-to-be-graduating student journalist, I thought Superman’s job was the niftiest part about him. Why did a super-invincible alien with x-ray vision decide to take on one of the most under-appreciated jobs on planet Earth? I began pondering what the decision meant for his moral code. Journalists are dedicated to truth, justice and the public good, which makes sense for Superman (read Reason No. 3).  I can identify with that!

Superman is FTK!

In the issue I read, a Kryptonian child in a rocket lands in Superman’s arms – literally. The moments between the two are just precious. Superman keeps the kid from toppling backwards out of his chair. He even tucked the child into bed for the night and promised to be back in the morning. Seriously, the man is good with kids.

Superman is Lawful Good.

Superman wrecks an entire city block in the issue I read, and you’re probably wondering how that means he is Lawful Good. But hear me out. Lately it seems that ego has been in the forefront of entertainment. If the protagonist isn’t selfish, they’re at least self-interested. But Superman isn’t like that.

So maybe this has nothing to do with Lawful Good, but I find it refreshing to have a hero concerned enough about the well-being of someone he made a promise to that he has to redraw his loyalties. I imagine that, for a super-invincible alien with x-ray vision, picking loyalties and sticking to them is important to keep oneself from sliding from Lawful Good to Neutral.

What do you think? Do you like Superman? Why, or why not?

  1. I just finished watching a Superman marathon the other weekend. He’s an incredible character. He doesn’t need a mask, like other superheroes. His powers are withing as opposed to tools or utility belts. And the best part? He’s pure and right. What an incredible superhero. I love the guy!

  2. […] let me fool you.  I love Superman – or at least the idea of him.  Superman media is full of complex imagery, making him one of the most interesting superheroes […]

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