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Star Wars Madness: The Sad Saga of Jango Fett

In Sci-Fi on April 1, 2013 at 11:52 am

In the most emotionally charged fight since Kenobi cut down his Jedi mentor, Yoda and Luke Skywalker went head-to-head last week.  My apologies for not airing coverage, but the combined shock of having to pick between two of the most powerful Jedi (combined with the terrible vote of Jabba vs. Bane) was too much for me.  I actually abstained from voting.

People think I’m touched in the head for avoiding the vote, but read me out.  Yoda is arguably the most powerful force user in the galaxy … of his time.  After Luke comes in and rebuilds the Jedi temple as a balanced use of both the light and the dark, he assumes the mantle. Basically, there is only so much the Jedi could accomplish by rejecting emotions, and Luke knew it. That’s why he incorporated emotions into his philosophy, making the new order much stronger than its predecessor.

I wonder what Yoda’s ghost would have to say about that.

Light Side:

R2-D2 trumped C-3PO in round one without taking damage.  Leia bested her mom – because that’s not weird – after an intense fight and moved on to take on her favorite blue astromech droid.

Artoo comes with a seemingly endless array of nifty gadgets.  He’s projected holograms, repaired starships, picked locks and argued with Yoda.  He also has an air cannon and a cable gun. Oh, and sometimes he carries around a lightsaber. Just because.

Leia may start off dressing in flowing robes and styling her hair, but once she got used to the scruffy looking nerf herder and his “walking carpet,” she let her hair down and got dirty. No, not in a weird way! Leia took charge of the ground forces, leading the troops in open rebellion against the most terrifying power in the galaxy.


leia organa, princess leia, leia endor, leia wears clothes, leia badass, leia battlesLeia wins!  I foresee Leia hitting Artoo with some targeted firepower.  She’s a great strategist, pulling the rebel forces through a planetary evacuation of Hoth. I think she can manage one fiesty droid.  If she stays far enough away while the droid short circuits, she’ll be fine.  Leia may not pick locks all too well, but she’s a great shot.  Besides, there’s a Droid for that.

Dark Side:  Jango vs. Boba Fett

A Father who taught
his son and a boy that
Learned from the best

Jango vs. Boba… this really is madness! For a true Star Wars fan, this could be the hardest decision ever.

The weird part is that they’re the same person. Boba is just another clone of Jango that the bounty hunter raised as his son in order to carry on his legacy. Boba is Jango 2.0, the next generation of what Jango did, because his entire life a reflection of Jango’s (literally and figuratively).

Jango raised Boba as his son and apprentice to be come the greatest bounty hunter.  He gave Boba a set of skills that allowed him to survive alone in the middle of a war torn galaxy and then, on top of that, to become a bounty hunter. Jango knew he wasn’t going to live for ever with a profession like his (side note: besides making clones for the army, he was still bounty hunting).  Every day he was stayed alive was a blessing in itself.  So Jango did what any middle aged man would do:  he began to pass on the reigns.


boba fett, fett bounty hunter, boba fett badassWould Jango have liked for Boba to be older when he was on his own? Most likely, but being beheaded before his young son’s eyes began to shape Boba into the man we know, love and fear. Boba Fett was thrown to the wolves and became the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. So when asked Jango Fett or Boba Fett, my answer is Boba Fett every time.  Boba is a son who would make his father proud.

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  2. Boba all the way

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