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Star Wars Madness Day Six: the Princess and the Mandalore

In Sci-Fi on March 25, 2013 at 10:05 am

Light Side:  Senator Padme Amidala vs. Princess Leia Organa

Padme Amidala was a highly respected democratic queen and later a senator. She was best known for literally fighting for her people during the trade Federations embargo of Naboo. She was also a key person politically during the clone wars. She birthed two of the most important Figure heads in the galaxy Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Skywalker.

Which leads me to Leia Organa Skywalker. Born to a diplomatic family and raised for leadership, Leia took to the frontlines leading “diplomatic missions” as a cover while she led the rebellion against the empire. Politically and physically she was no joke. Having personally lead multiple engagements during said rebellion, she had the brass to get things done for her people.  She resisted torture at the hands of Darth Vader, strapped on a crossbow to adventure into a cave worm’s mouth (bad idea, for the record) and took a laser to the arm during the battle of Endor.


Leia by a landside! Padme was an important figurehead during the Clone Wars and definitely not a delicate flower.  But, Leia is a hardened vet with more combat and leadership experience than Padme.  Possibly, she even has force abilities that aren’t fully developed. Most importantly, Leia was too tough to die from a “broken heart.”

princess leia, leia gun, star wars princess leia, carrie fisher leia

Dark Side:  Jango Fett vs. Bossk

Jango Fett was born and raised in a farming community in the Mandalorian sector. His father was a lawman, but sadly his parents were murdered by Deathwatch while he was still a boy.  Fett was taken in by the Mandalorians who trained him to be the man the universe learned to revere (or is that fear?). Originally, Fett led the Mandalorians.  But due to a treacherous scheme by an opposing faction, Fett and his men were framed and pursued by the Jedi. In one of the most bad ass moments the galaxy has ever seen, Fett, with no weapon whatsoever, killed six Jedi knights. This moment cemented him into galactic history.

Bossk was born under the leader of the bounty hunters guild and quickly distinguished himself by eating his unhatched siblings. Ew.  After training throughout his youth, he began hunting wookies, something many people would consider suicide. He gained notoriety by doing so and living, and he eventually he moved on to hunting other lifeforms as well. Bossk spent the next few decades bouncing from prison to jobs eventually encountering Han Solo and Chewbacca, who destroyed his ship and left him stranded. This led to some vengeful feelings.


Jango Fett, jango fett clone, boba fett clone, jango fett mandaloreAlthough Bossk was skilled and capable, his abilities come nowhere near Fett’s. Fett was a A+ warrior who killed Jedi with his bare hands.  Fett was also leader of a warrior people, which takes an incredible degree of fighting skills. Bossk was a skilled bounty hunter, but he was just that:  a bounty hunter. Fett would kill Bossk so fast it’s not even funny!

Get your vote in now!  Visit the bracket and name your pick while there’s still time!

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