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How I Saw “Les Miserables” Without Tissues

In Movies/TV, Pop Culture! on December 29, 2012 at 11:03 pm

Why didn’t I bring tissues?

The revolution lives on in “Les Miserables,” its power heightened with cinematography to make it one of the film’s major plot lines.  The story of Marius and Cosette sings in the shadows of the French revolution and Javert’s relentless pursuit of Jean Valjean.

For me, Jean Valjean is the scene-stealer.  The movie is really his from the opening scene to his last, a crushing and often inspiring story of redemption and devotion.  He is the protagonist at every turn, helping friend and foe alike.

Les Miserables is dramatic from beginning to end.  The cinematography is beautiful, the sets captivating and the acting draws tears from your eyes.  Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Russell Crowe were utterly believable, a difficult feat with a movie of the scale and difficulty as “Les Mis.”  Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen provided much-appreciated comic relief to the film at its darkest moments.

But I’ve always been a fan of the revolutionary students.  After all, Enjolras was my first crush.  I grew up watching the 10th Anniversary Concert of “Les Mis,” which was essentially costumed singers pulling on my eight-year-old heartstrings in front of a live audience.  I found Enjolras, the passionate revolutionary leader especially charming.  I think it was his red vest – or perhaps the emotions his voice evoked; if I could have joined the barricades like Eponine I probably would have.

So when I walked into the movie theater today I felt nervous about Enjolras. How would they portray him? Would I be drawn to Aaron Tveit as I was to Michael Maguire?  Would his passion be as inspiring or his voice as captivating?

Like I said before, why didn’t I bring tissues?

The Movie in One Word:  Emotions!

Favorite Character: Enjolras

Favorite Song:  “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” makes me sob every time and especially this time.

Surprise of the Movie:  Sacha Baron Cohen as Mr. Thenardier, the scummy innkeeper

How Many Tissues Used:  Not having tissues, I used the hem of my dress’s skirt.  Luckily the theater was dark and full of other sniffling people.  The floors were littered with tissues as I left.


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