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Dear Jon Krakauer:

In Books/Authors on June 7, 2011 at 7:28 am

Dear Jon:

I cannot decide whether I admire you or Edward R. Murrow more.  You are both journalists, but that is where the similarities end in my mind.  If it is possible to subdivide favorites, I would gladly put you at the top of the magazine writers, Murrow in the top TV slot and then add Hunter S. Thompson as my favorite sports journalist.  Someone from NPR wins an award for best radio journalism.  Truman Capote takes the cake for narrative non-fiction, though In Cold Blood fought tooth-and-nail against Into Thin Air.  

I sense that your fame originates from Into the Wild, which gained fame after being turned into a Hollywood film.  Though it was a tragic (true) story, it filled me with the most amazing wanderlust and left me pondering how society measures success.  Your sleuthing to uncover all the details of this drifters life, his passions, his friends and pseudo-family was amazing, and you handled the story in a matter of fact style that was captivating and tactful.

My favorite book is Into Thin Air, however, because you can feel the difference between information and experience.  It is there, woven into the character development and foreshadowing.  Halfway through the book, it hit me that these people weren’t well written characters but real people about to meet Hell.  There was no other ending – or purpose – for the book other than to explain the truth of what happened.  I cried.

It took me another two weeks to finish the book.


Hannah Scribbles


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