Hannah Scribbles

Dear Adventure Buddy:

In Creative on May 27, 2011 at 1:49 pm

Dear Adventure Buddy,

It’s not that you don’t exist.  It’s that I cannot find you. You must be lost out there on the Appalachian Trail, hiking through the mountains from Maine to Georgia, continually out of cellphone and Internet reception and always thrilled to be alive.

Find your way back so I have someone stupid enough to walk by the river while wind precedes the oncoming tempest, whipping leaves in our faces.  As the sky above becomes a swollen purple cloud that hangs from the heavens under its burden of rain, you and I would share a look.

“I’m feeling bad vibrations,” you might say of the ominous skies.

And I would respond, “That’s just the thunder.”

We would keep walking.  This is just the nature others are afraid to see.  It doesn’t mean it is any less beautiful.  You and I understand that… if only I could find you.


Hannah Scribbles


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