Hannah Scribbles

Thoughts On Honesty

In Positivity on May 26, 2011 at 1:30 pm

The art of deception is just that:  an art.  It takes work to hone the skills and create a believable fallacy.  I admire people who can do it, but I try not to lie myself.  It feels dirty to lie, to purposefully mislead someone. Lying is like practicing black magic.

Why would I lie?  If my reasoning stands, to tell a lie means I feel shame about the truth.  Impossible.  I love the truth.  I love honesty and open conversation, and I am sad that the world we live in seemingly calls for guarded answers and vague euphemisms.

I hate that my generation has access to so much information that we become cynical and insecure.  I hate that it is so hard to find someone to hold discourse with; no one wants to bare their soul and confess to believing in something.  People conform.  Personal opinions are tempered by reaction.  Every one is afraid of being offensive and no one speaks candidly.  The world is insincere.

I want to be an honest voice above the chaos.   I want my life to be sincere.  I want everything I do to reflect the serenity that comes from having nothing worth hiding.  I want to write true words in my prose, to be true to who I am and what I need to say.

Characters, just like their writers, must be true to who they are. Only honest writing makes fiction fact.


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