Hannah Scribbles

Almost Spring!

In Creative on March 2, 2011 at 11:29 am

It was February 28, which meant it was almost March. Almost-March meant almost Springtime, which she was more than ready to celebrate.  The weather had been improving, she reasoned, and all but the tallest snow mounds had melted in the warm air.  It was February 28, which meant it was Spring.

She dug out her shamrock decorations and hiking boots, determined to make the best of the good weather this year.  She opened the windows to let in the fresh air.  She threw out the receipts that had been moldering in a pile on her desk all winter.  She vacuumed, she dusted, she scrubbed in anticipation.

A day later she blew her nose.

Two days later she felt the sinus pressure and sore throat.  Her nose bled.

Three days later she shut the windows against the offending pollen.  She refilled her mug of tea and returned to the couch where she was watching reruns of Criminal Minds.  Her comforter formed a warm cocoon around her chilled body.

“I hate Spring,” she groaned to the empty room.  She took a sip of herbal tea.  And sighed.

This will be me.  Give it a week.


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